Non-woven fabric for footwear production

The non-woven fabric for footwear production is characterized by technical properties, thanks to which its use in various forms in footwear allows for comfortable wearing. We offer a non-woven fabric, which is made in processes that give it durability and elasticity. We adjust the basis weight and size of the product to individual customer requirements.


Functions of non-woven footwear

Needled non-woven fabric can perform many functions in the construction of footwear. Depending on the parameters, it is used as an additional warming layer in footwear worn in the autumn and winter season. Placed between the insole and the sole in the place of the metatarsal and heel, it works as a stiffening of the shoe. It is also used as an overlap that stiffens the shoes at the heel and as a carrier of artificial leather.


The advantages of using felt for shoes

Shoe felt is characterized by natural elasticity, which makes it easy to process and form any shape corresponding to the shape of the shoe. In addition, the nonwoven fabric is characterized by high water vapor and air permeability as well as moisture absorption. Thanks to this, the footwear produced by you will provide comfort to the company's customers and thus contribute to building a positive image of the company. We offer a product that has satisfactory technical parameters and at the same time is available at a competitive price.


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